Belarus – Day 1

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Good morning from a freezing Klimavichi!

Yesterday was a really productive day. We met with the lovely Irina from the Education Department who is extremely supportive of our efforts & we also found our second interpreter Lena, a very warm & kind lady with fantastic English!

We paid a short visit to my & Andrea’s Children from the FOCC West Lothian group: Sergei, Aliona & Vasilisa & their families before heading off around Klimavichi to meet some of the new children from the group.

This is my 13th visit to Belarus & I never cease to be moved emotionally by the stories of these children. One beautiful girl Kira is so very shy. She’s had a really tough time. She lives with her mum & 3 young siblings. They have had to move to a tiny rented flat with no bathroom facilities as their father is an alcoholic & extremely aggressive. She’s had to move schools & is really struggling just now. We’ve decided that we will visit her every day while we’re here to try to build a warm & trusting relationship with her to help her to open up to us. Another little boy Kostya is living in simply squalid conditions with his little 6 year old sister. Both parents were drunk when we arrived, the house was absolutely stinking & the poor children were filthy. They are such lovely, cuddly kids clearly crying out for love & affection. I felt heartbroken when we left them but if nothing else I was firmly reminded of why we are doing what we’re doing & I know that our programme is going to make such a HUGE difference to these children.

She’s a wonderful mum & foster mum to many children & her hospitality is second to none. She had made a fantastic dinner for us & even a special cake ?❤️

Today we will visit Kira again then we’ll be out & about in the small villages around Klimavichi meeting the other 6 of our new children.

Our day finished on a high visiting our old friend.

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