For obvious reasons due to Covid 19, our charity’s group of children from Klimivichi will be unable to come to Scotland this summer for their visit. All donations so far received will be used to fund next year’s visit. We are very much looking forward to seeing all the children return in August 2021 for a happy and healthy month visiting Scotland. In the meantime, we are continuing our support for the children and their families, by organising aid parcels with food and medicine, to be delivered to each child this summer. The children and their families are very much in all our minds right now, during this pandemic.     

 – The Trustees & Host Parents.

The world’s worst nuclear accident happened on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in Ukraine. Highly radioactive uranium and graphite were expelled into the atmosphere. The Russian government permitted a censorship over the media, stopping the flow of information to the rest of the world. They increased the acceptable levels of radioactivity that people could be exposed to, for economic reasons, reducing the number of people needing to be evacuated.

Children at Biometrics

Of the country’s prime farmland, 25% has become nuclear wasteland. As a result, over 800,000 children in Belarus and 380,000 Ukrainian children are at risk of contracting cancer or leukaemia. Belarus has become a zone of international ecological disaster, as its people were exposed to radioactivity 90 times greater than that from the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Chernobyl’s Angels of Hope, Biggar are a charity that provide a month of love and care each year to children affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. Affected children aged around 8 years old from Belarus come over to Biggar, South Lanarkshire, Scotland to live in a loving home for a month, breathing clean air, eating fresh wholesome food, and sharing family life.. The children travel with 2 interpreters who remain in Scotland with the children for the duration of their stay.

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